Keep smiling…wear a mouthguard

A child with a serious dental injury is every parent’s worst nightmare. And unfortunately these bad dreams all too often become reality – usually while a child is playing sport.

Hockey, netball, football and basketball are the usual suspects, as well as skateboarding, soccer and even water polo.

Dislocated or loosened teeth, chipped teeth and knocked out teeth are all preventable by wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Dental injury is definitely a case of prevention being better than cure. Especially in the case of adult, or permanent, teeth. Once damaged, a tooth will require lifelong maintenance.

A mouthguard that is fitted by a dentist will also reduce the incidence of concussion and jaw fractures. Not only do they provide better protection, they’re also more comfortable and easier to wear than over-the-counter options.

They’re also more expensive because of the time and materials used by a qualified dentist.

Defence Health values your kid’s teeth as much as you. That’s why our most popular extras covers (Premier and Value extras) include one free custom-fitted mouthguard for kids. And because we realise that little faces change shape, we provide a new mouthguard – fitted by a dentist – every year up to age 21.

Dental injuries can be painful and ugly. So the best thing is to prevent them. Next time you visit the dentist, remember to ask for a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect those pearly whites.

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