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5 workout ideas for people who hate working out

Regular exercise is beneficial for your health and wellbeing in a number of ways – so even if exercise doesn’t appeal to you, it’s important to find ways to move more. 

More and more Australians are being diagnosed with serious, life-threatening diseases as a result of inactivity.

There’s never been a more important time to exercise regularly, but not everyone loves dressing up in their active wear and hitting the gym.

If you hate working out because it feels like too much of an effort, there are ways you can make exercise fun by getting creative and involving your family and friends. Here are 5 workout ideas that can make exercise fun.

  1. Take up a fun sport

Snowboarding, water skiing, paddle boarding, rock climbing and horse riding are examples of sports that give you a fun workout, doing something adventurous and a little different.

Extreme sports and activities you can do while travelling and on holidays, like white water rafting, don’t even feel like exercise in the traditional sense.

  1. Find an exercise buddy

Find someone who will motivate you to move more. It could be a friend, partner or work colleague who’s enthusiastic about exercise and has the energy and enthusiasm to make it fun for the both of you.

Keep the stakes high – make a rule that if you don’t turn up, your partner won’t be able to exercise either – meaning you’ll be letting them down if you pull out of your exercise agreement.

  1. Redefine what a workout means to you

Get out of the mindset that exercise is only about the gym, weights and treadmills. Your exercise regime could be walking for two hours while shopping, swimming at the beach, gardening or dancing.

A workout can be as simple as thirty minutes of daily movement.

  1. Take up hiking

Hiking is a great way to switch off and enjoy nature – while getting a healthy dose of exercise. You’ll be walking on elevated terrain, seeing some lovely scenery and having great chats with your hiking companions.

Hiking can take you to amazing places around the world, where you’re able to combine travelling with exercise.

  1. Try yoga

Not all exercise needs to be in the form of sweat-inducing, heart pumping cardio workouts.

Yoga is known to help with flexibility and core strength. It can also encourage you to relax, reduce stress, breathe better and be more mindful.

Other tips to get moving

  • Work out what it is you don’t like about exercise – if you feel tired, sore and angry when you go running, try another sport. If you don’t like people looking at you in the gym, find a secluded spot outdoors or exercise early in the morning when most people are asleep
  • Be creative – exercise can be done at home, with the family, while gardening, on the dancefloor and while shopping
  • Start slow – you don’t need to work out every day for hours – build up your movement gradually and take it one day at a time
  • Take a group class – taking a fun, dance-style exercise class like Zumba or Hip Hop – even a martial arts class combines a great workout with learning a useful skill

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