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5 Tips for staying healthy in the workplace

Get more out of your day with these tips for staying healthy in the workplace to help keep you focused, happy and increase your productivity.

  1. Stay hydrated
  • Avoiding dehydration keeps you happier, healthier and more productive in the workplace
  • Most of us walk around in a state of semi-dehydration
  • Keep a jug or bottle of water at your desk as a reminder
  • Flavour with a slice of orange, lemon or a bunch of mint if you prefer flavoured drinks
  • Everybody’s requirements vary, but 8 glasses each day is good to aim for
  1. Enjoy the sunshine

enjoying the sunshine at work

  • Vitamin D strengthens bones and muscles, boosts immunity and mood
  • Sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D, but avoid sunburn
  • 15 minutes is usually enough in summer (or 30 minutes in winter) to get the benefits, and feel more refreshed and energised at work. Avoid the middle of the day and don’t get sunburnt
  • Remember sun protection


  1. Keep active
  • Fitting even small amounts of activity into your workday can reduce stress, lift your mood, improve memory and increase productivity
  • There is growing evidence that the negative effects of prolonged sitting may occur, even in those who are active outside of work
  • Get creative with breaking up sitting time – take the stairs, go for a short walk at lunch, take regular standing breaks or do a quick stretch – schedule it in your calendar so you don’t forget!
  1. Be mindful
  • Mindfulness is a way of being present in the moment, even just for small amounts of time that can help reduce stress and improve mood
  • It’s a form of fitness for your brain that can lead to a happier you
  • Multi-tasking could be considered the opposite of mindfulness and has been linked to poorer task performance and also less satisfaction with the activity
  • Choose a few occasions today where you only focus on that task, experience it, use all your senses, enjoy it and see yourself being happier and less stressed as a result.
  • Check out the “Smiling Mind” app and website for tips on being mindful in a busy day (
  1. Snack right
  • Healthy snacks at work can prevent a trip to the vending machine later in the day and a 3pm “energy slump”
  • Snacks that are packed with nutrients and fibre, keep you fuller for longer, but are still low in calories are your best option. Even better if they are easy for you to store at work or at your desk
  • Think a piece of fruit, small handful of nuts or tub of low fat yoghurt

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