8 creative ways to announce your pregnancy

More and more pregnant women are taking to social media to announce their pregnancies in creative, unique ways.

Looking for a more creative take on the traditional “I’m pregnant!” status update? Here are 8 fun ways to break the news to your family and friends using images you can email your friends and post on your social media accounts.

  1. Creative Ultrasound Photo


Instead of simply sharing an ultrasound photo, think of a more creative way to reveal the image of your growing bundle. A strategically-placed ultrasound photo in your partner’s back pocket, a photo of you and your partner holding the image, or even older siblings looking at the image are more artistic ways to announce your pregnancy.

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  1. Movie Poster

Movie poster

If you’re friends are movie buffs, they’ll love learning about your pregnancy with a personalised movie poster. All you need are a few basic Photoshop or Canva skills and a theme: it could be the gender of the baby, the due date, how you and your partner are feeling about your pregnancy or how you anticipate your life changing. You could also include other family members in your movie title, for example “Gran & Grandad Part 2”.

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  1. Sibling Face

Sibling face

The “I’m going to be a big brother/sister face” is a cute way of involving the future older siblings in your pregnancy announcement. They’ll love looking back on your photos for years to come, too (even if they don’t enjoy it at the time!).

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  1. Only Child Expiration Date

Only child

An only child expiration date announcement is another fun way to involve your kids in your pregnancy announcement. You can write the date on signs, blackboards, T-shirts and posters. If this is your first pregnancy, you could also use your pets or other types of ‘expirations’ – think early morning sleep-ins for starters!

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  1. Pet Chalkboard


This one’s for all the pet lovers. If you’re looking for a way to include your beloved cats, dogs or other types of pets in your pregnancy announcement, a blackboard or sign with your due date and a message from your furry friends is fun, cheeky and downright cute – and it showcases your pet’s personality in an original way, too.

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  1. Scrabble Board


A scrabble board spelling out your pregnancy announcement, due date, thoughts, feelings and emotions is a lovely way to get a little personal with your message. You can convey a lot of information in one clever image.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/75294624996127768/


  1. Bun In The Oven


For those who want to bring a little humour to their pregnancy announcement, a literal bun in the oven will make your friends look twice. You could also act out this photo by inviting people to your home and encouraging them to open the oven and photographing their reactions.

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  1. Photo With Punchline


Another funny way to announce your pregnancy – particularly if you’re having twins – is to frame your announcement in two or more parts, with photos. This works well when your pregnancy is both exciting and completely unexpected by your friends and family – or it could be a general pregnancy message followed by a twin (or triplet) announcement.

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