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Keeping you well – health insurance

Health insurance is not just there for when you’re sick.

There are many benefits available with Defence Health that can help keep you well.

Dental benefits
Dental care is the obvious first cab off the rank. Regular, preventive dental treatment helps keep your teeth and gums healthy before any niggly problems arise. And as good oral health impacts your overall health you should make the dentist your friend.

Just about every health insurer will have some level of dental benefits in their extras cover. At Defence Health, all members with extras cover have access to a national dental network, guaranteeing at least 15% off the usual fee for dental treatment. And that’s before the dental benefit is paid.

Defence Health members with Value, Premier or Top Extras cover receive gap-free preventative treatment when they visit a network dentist. And families with these extras products can also receive a custom-fitted mouthguard for their kids each financial year.

Health screening benefits
Many major diseases and health conditions can be identified early through simple screening tests. These include bowel screening, kidney check kits, mole mapping, bone density tests, mammograms and specialist eye tests. Identifying these diseases and conditions early could mean you can take action before they become a larger problem.

Defence Health members with hospital cover and either Value or Premier Extras can claim a benefit for these tests without a doctor’s referral. Sometimes there are no warning signs or symptoms for these conditions. So regular screening tests can give you a greater degree of control in monitoring your health.

Optical benefits
Optical care is more than just correcting sight. The optometrist can identify early problems that could impact your vision down the track. So it’s worth checking your vision and eye health with a professional.

Optometrists recommend that all children should have an eye check by the age of 8 years – even if they’re not reporting any vision problems. An eye test only takes a few minutes and Medicare will cover the cost of an eye examination every two years.

Private extras cover will provide a benefit for glasses. And Defence Health members can take advantage of the optical network to make their benefits go further, with great value optical benefits and a range of no-gap glasses at Specsavers and VSP Vision Care.

Other benefits
The services of a qualified dietitian can help to improve your nutrition and health. Improving your diet can give you more energy and help in disease prevention. A dietitian can also help manage medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and digestive disorders. Improvements to diet can also help those who need to lose weight, gain weight or just maintain a healthy weight.

Many people also find their physiotherapy and hydrotherapy benefits help to keep them feeling physically and mentally well. Physio or chiro treatment is easily accessible, tailored for the individual and benefits are payable on most extras products.

In addition to helping you out when you are in hospital, health insurance really can help keep you well and in control of your health. And that’s what really matters.

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