Make the most out of your health care

Health is an incredibly important factor of your life. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot control getting hurt or sick. However, we can control the way we deal with this and private health insurance is a key factor in taking care of yourself for those unexpected moments.

The reason I chose Defence Health is not only for peace of mind but a sense of security and protection from the unknown.

For example, 40 days prior to me competing at the Olympic Games, I needed my wisdom teeth removed before I could get on the plane to Rio. As my teeth were becoming increasingly painful the operation couldn’t wait, they had to come out!

Unfortunately, as is often the case, the wounds from the operation became infected and I had to return to the surgeon and get the infection addressed just four days before departing for the Games. Fortunately by having health insurance the cost of my dental work was significantly reduced and the financial burden was eased. As a private patient I was well cared for and I could fully focus on my recovery without any added or unnecessary stress. I cannot guarantee this would be the same outcome if I didn’t choose extra health cover.

I also encourage people to read through what services are provided when purchasing or renewing your insurance. I feel like many people don’t realise the benefits or take advantage of the health care services you are entitled to.

Being an elite athlete I constantly need remedial massage to help me perform at my best, whilst reducing the risk of injury and soreness. This is a lifestyle service that I receive a benefit for regularly. Having this extra cover helps to reduce my day-to-day out of pocket expenses.

Overall, having the right health insurance gives you greater control over the medical services you receive and the timing of those services.

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Article by: Laetisha Scanlan