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Life hacks for travelling with kids

Simple tips to make your family travels easier and less stressful these holidays.

Whether you’re taking a plane, train or automobile, travelling with kids isn’t always relaxing.

Thankfully, due to the creativity of some very clever mums across cyberspace, these life hacks are designed to make travelling easier abound.

Here are our top picks.

Packing hacks

  • Roll outfits instead of folding them – you’ll be surprised how much space this saves in your suitcase or backpack
  • Pack individual outfits in plastic bags – this helps if you need to easily grab a spare change of clothes when you’re in between destinations
  • Pack a portable first aid kit, as well as one for your suitcase – you never know where and when you’ll need quick access to band-aids, painkillers and other medicinal supplies
  • Pack a spare change of clothes for yourself, too – travelling and motion sickness go hand in hand, if you experience this a clean t-shirt will probably come in handy. And with children you never know when you will need a set of clean clothes!
  • Don’t forget the basics – toilet paper, paper towels, wipes and garbage bags are essential for any long trip with kids

Entertainment hacks

  • Turn old DVD cases into colouring cases – they are the perfect size to store paper, pens, stickers and craft – without making a huge mess
  • Keep some audio books for long drives – this helps to give the kids screen-free entertainment
  • Make a portable Lego case – this is one that’s recommended by many mums; you can draw dozens of designs on paper for your kids to make with just a handful of Lego pieces
  • Plan organised activities – you can drip-feed these games and activities over the duration of your trip to keep it exciting
  • Play countdown games – create stickers and signs that can be removed every 20-30 minutes to keep the kids counting down the minutes until your arrival

Snack hacks

  • Turn an old bead or loom box into a snack box – keep different snacks in the various compartments
  • Bring portable utensils – you never know when you may need extra forks and spoons
  • Place gladwrap over cups to avoid spilling – poke a small hole in the gladwrap, big enough for a straw
  • Pack plenty of snacks in general – this makes the trip cheaper, and ensures you won’t be dealing with hangry children – check out our tips on healthy fast-food alternatives

Avoiding-meltdown hacks

  • Make a checklist of your little ones’ most treasured toys – and make sure they are all in your possession before you leave your destinations
  • Attach a string or rope to the kids’ water bottles – this means that when you are in the car they’ll be able to pull up their bottles themselves so you won’t have to turn around every five minutes
  • BYO torch – if you’re leaving early, but your kids are wide awake with excitement, a torch can help to keep them entertained so you don’t have to turn on the interior car light – or so you can keep napping on the plane

Try as many of these hacks as you can, and you’ll help to ensure the journey is just as relaxing as the destination!

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