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Defence Health member, Sandra, is feeling much better now. But the 65-year-old had the biggest fright of her life in August 2016.

“I was at work late in the evening and had the most intense chest pains,” she recalls. “The office was empty and I just thought: I’ve got to get out of here!”

Sandra spent two days in hospital while the doctors conducted an angiogram and investigated her heart episode. As someone who lives alone, Sandra said she felt quite vulnerable and unsure of her health when she returned home.

A couple of months after her hospitalisation, Sandra was contacted by Victoria at Remedy Healthcare and invited to join the Healthy Heart Program.

“I was initially a bit wary about how Victoria got my phone number. But then I was very happy when she explained it was a special service offered by Defence Health.

The Healthy Heart Program is just one of the health management programs on offer to support the health and wellbeing of Defence Health members. It’s designed to empower people like Sandra to live well and manage a range of health issues.

“Victoria would call me fortnightly and we’d chat for about half an hour,” says Sandra. “She’d talk to me about my medication, how I was feeling generally and made sure I was looking after my diet.”

“I really knew nothing about heart health before this. This program was so important to me.”

“Just knowing the support was there for me and there are people who really do care…it’s great to have that extra support,” she says. “The cardiologist doesn’t share that much and it’s such a quick appointment, whereas Victoria gave me the time and answered my questions.”

“It’s unbelievable really. Defence Health says they’re trying to keep premiums down with this type of service. Well I think it’s great…good on them.”

Sandra feels there have been many benefits from doing the Healthy Heart Program. “I have a much better understanding of a healthy diet and the importance of portion sizes. The material Victoria sent me was very good and I’ve shared it with some of my friends too.”

After completing her program Sandra is feeling more confident about managing her heart health. “Victoria was just so good to talk to. She was very caring and understanding – and she always arranged a time to call that would suit me. I’m so pleased that I continued with the program.”

Health Programs are available to invited Defence Health members, depending on your level of Hospital cover. Program selection is based on relevant claims data and programs are provided at no cost to members.

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