My Health Record – what do I do now?

My Health Record is an online portal for all your health information and records, designed to help authorised health care professionals quickly and easily access your records when providing care and advice.

Ultimately, you have control over your private information, and agency over what information is included or accessible through your record. Here, we summarise how to fill out your record, who to speak to about the record and what to do if you wish to delete it.

How to fill it out

Initially, your My Health Record will be auto-populated with two years worth of data from Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Australian Immunisation Register, and Australian Organ Donor Register.

After this, the record itself is populated by information supplied from your doctors and other health care professionals. You can also manage the information yourself, by adding notes about allergies, including an advanced care plan, or providing emergency contact details.

Pharmacists can upload details of your medication. And diagnostic imaging and pathology practices may upload new test results. If you go to hospital, a discharge summary can also be uploaded as a useful reference for your doctor or other health care provider.

Who do I tell?

At each visit to your doctor you can discuss what information is uploaded or withheld from your My Health Record.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you have the option to set a Record Access Code. You would need to provide it to the health care professionals who you want to have access to your record. You may also restrict certain documents with a Limited Document Access Code, which you would need to provide to relevant health care professionals so that they may provide better care and advice for you.

Private health insurers do not have access to your My Health Record. However, some redacted and anonymous information may be provided to relevant and authorised parties for research purposes from time to time.

Opting out

Even though the initial opt-out date has passed, parliament revised legislation so Australians are able to opt-out of the service at any time.

The new legislation also strengthens the privacy protections for health data. For example, it explicitly requires law enforcement and other agencies to produce a court order to access someone’s Health Record; it prohibits access by insurers or employers; and ensures the system cannot be privatised or used for commercial purposes.

If you decide to delete your record, visit, call 1800 723 471 or complete a form and return it via mail.

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