How new technology is changing the way adults play and have fun

When was the last time you really had some fun? When you played instead of worked?

As we get older we tend to forget how to have fun. But playtime shouldn’t be over. Especially as all the new technology available today brings us new ways to play. New ways to experience entertainment, test our brains, kill time, and team build.

Look at how technology has changed our lives. The way we dine has changed drastically with online bookings and food delivery services. Even the way we stay connected with the people in our lives – we might play a game like Words with Friends to keep a relationship going.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that technology has changed the way we enjoy ourselves.

Augmented Reality and team-building

Virtual reality company Zero Latency has a range of immersive games that you play while roaming free in an arena. Players are equipped with a headset, headphones, backpack, and a controller to fend off zombies and explore new worlds. It’s some of the most impressive examples of VR technology to date, and it’s multiplayer for multiple fun.

If it’s time out of the office and team building that you need, then look outside the square with some more rewarding and important tasks assisted by technology.

Try building prosthetic hands for a good cause with Helping Hands. Divide the office into teams and follow the instructions to build a prosthetic hand that works. It’s a medical and technological miracle. The resulting work is then donated to landmine victims around the world.

Try an escape room for some fun

Escape rooms have cropped up in recent times as another outlet for adults to play.

Rush Escape Room in Melbourne is home to some of the hardest, most advanced escape room games where teams must work together to uncover clues, solve codes and escape together.

The team aspect of challenges like escape rooms is something that’s sorely missed for adults who long for the friendly rivalry and competition of games they played when they were young.

We also tend to think of ourselves as time-strapped and try to squeeze everything in to our already packed days. One thing to suffer from this is the down-time for play.

Tesla, ever the innovators, have found a way to sneak some fun into even the most mundane down-time.

You can play video games in your Tesla while you wait for it to charge. Tesla ‘Arcade’ enables Tesla owners to play classics like Pong and Beach Buggy Racing, using the car’s steering wheel, brake pedal and centre screen. Ever the practical joker, Elon Musk says his outlook at Tesla is, “how do we make it as fun as possible?”

So, when did you last have some fun?

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