What to do with the kids during COVID-19?

School’s out early for many students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While slowing the rate of infection is the objective of closing schools, what on earth are you going to do with the kids for who knows how long?

Most families will be altering their plans for the upcoming Easter holidays due to wide-spread shutdowns and travel bans. That means it’s time to get creative while you stay happy and hopeful at home.

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers, there will no doubt be some challenges in the coming weeks (and possibly months) together at home. The important thing to remember – especially with teenagers – is they need to take the virus seriously. While young people appear less-affected by the symptoms of COVID-19, that does not mean someone they infect will get off lightly.

So, home is where the heart is – and where the whole family will be for the foreseeable future.

Here are some creative ideas doing the rounds:

  • virtual play-dates with school friends
  • get young ones involved in making biscuits or helping with dinner
  • tackle an age-appropriate jigsaw puzzle together
  • set up Words with Friends with the grandparents
  • declare war on the weeds in the garden
  • teach ‘tweens’ how to use the washing machine
  • footy practice at home with a harnessed ball
  • have a big clean-out of the wardrobes

For the really adventurous, you might want to teach your teenagers how to make a coffee like a barista – or even how to clean the bathroom!

We all live in the home together. This is a time for team effort for the coming school holidays. Have some fun and get ready for what looks likely to be online schooling in term 3!  Keep calm and carry on!

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