Easter holiday like no other

Easter is just around the corner and it will be one like no other.

It might be an annual camping holiday that won’t be going ahead; or another family tradition that social distancing rules will not allow.

Now is the time to plan for Easter. Plan and purchase early for the projects, cooking or craft that will keep you stimulated over the Easter break.

Here are some ideas to get you going.

  1. Painting project. Bedroom, picket fence or a piece of furniture. Prepare your list and purchase online: sandpaper; sugar soap; brushes and rollers; paint tray; Spakfilla; tape; dropsheets; and of course, the paint.
  2. Plant some veggies. Winter crops like carrots, silverbeet, spring onions, herbs and beans are easy to grow and they love the cooler temperature.
  3. Start a compost bin. Bins are inexpensive and sending kitchen scraps to the backyard is much better than to landfill.
  4. Clean the windows. Hot water, a dash of ammonia and away you go. For a streak-free finish, treat yourself with the purchase of a quality, extendable window washing squeegee.
  5. Clean out the shed. You know you want to – and now you have the time. While you’re at it, book a council hard garbage collection for all the stuff you find and realise you no longer need.
  6. Make hot cross buns. Purchase your fruit, peel (or not?) and yeast now.
  7. Bake Greek Easter bread. Also known as tsoureki (or Greek brioche) it is a spectacular pull-apart to share. You’ll need ground cardamom (or mahlepi for traditionalists) and red dye for the hard-boiled eggs.

There you go. That should keep your mind off camping – or any other exotic destination you had planned to be. Stay safe, keep occupied, and have a happy Easter.

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