Custom-fitted mouthguard offers better protection

As our kids return to the sporting fields, we want to make sure they’re protected against injury. And one of the best ways to do that is to talk to your dentist about the merits of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Every year, thousands of kids are treated for dental injuries that could’ve been avoided if they were wearing a properly fitted mouthguard. Knocked out, chipped and loosened teeth that need not have happened.

A mouthguard can also prevent soft-tissue damage to the mouth – and in a big collision even protect against a broken jaw. Dental injuries can result in time off school. They can be painful and disfiguring. And they may involve lengthy and expensive dental treatment. While a custom-fitted mouthguard costs around $250, the cost and inconvenience of a dental injury is much more than that.

The Australian Dental Association says over-the-counter (boil-and-bite) mouthguards can actually increase the risk of damage to teeth. According to the Association, a custom-fitted mouthguard provides the most effective protection.

Because custom-fitted mouthguards fit snugly they are more comfortable to wear. They don’t inhibit breathing or talking, so the kids are more likely to wear them. There’s a growing acceptance of mouthguards by kids due to many schools and clubs support of the Australian Dental Association and Sports Medicine Australia ‘No Mouthguard, No Play’ policy.

Because young jaws and faces are still growing, dentists also recommend a new mouthguard is fitted every 12 months. A good fit provides maximum protection. If your kids play any sport that has the risk of contact to the face they have a risk of dental injury. Put the custom-fitted mouthguard on the checklist today!

If you’re a Defence Health member with Premier, Value, Top Extras or the ADF Total Package Gold you can get a free dentist-fitted mouthguard for each of your kids every financial year to age 21 (within your general dental limits).

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